SoarnoL™ (EVOH)SoarnoL™ (EVOH)

SoarnoL™ (EVOH) is a specialty resin to give high-barrier, high-transparency and increased shelf-life for innovative food packaging technologies. SoarnoL is also applied in many other industries such as; construction, plastic fuel tanks, agricultural and cosmetics.


polymer_up.gifNichigo G-Polymer™ Amorphous Vinyl Alcohol Resin

Nippon Gohsei has developed a new kind of vinyl alcohol resin with unique characteristics of strong hydrogen bonding and an amorphous structure.

link_gohsenol_up.gifGOHSENOL™  (PVOH/PVA)

GOHSENOLTM Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) is a water-soluble synthetic resin with excellent water solublity, adhesive strength, film formability and chemical stability. The broad product line of GOHSENOLTM resins are used worldwide for a variety of applications which include; textiles, paper making, coatings, adhesives, films, medical/pharmaceutical products and cosmetic applications.

link_gohsenx_up.gifGOHSENX™ Specialty PVOH

GOHSENX™ is a line of advanced polyvinyl alcohol resins which have been modified for a variety of special functions. Its water resistance or excellent dispersion properties are both characteristics that conventional PVOH does not possess.

link_hi-selon_up.gifHi-Selon™ Water-soluble PVA Film

Hi-Selon™ is a water-soluble, biodegradable plastic film made from Polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH/PVA) and is suitable for several applications including unit dose packaging of detergents, agrochemicals and water- pressure transfer printing.

link_nichigo-g-tape_up.gifNichigo G-Tape™

Nichigo G-Tape" is a special pressure-sensitive tape which is hand tearable and leaves no residue.

MELFIL™ Water-soluble filament for fused deposition modeling (FDM)link_melfil_over.gif

MELFIL™ is a superior filament for fused deposition modeling (FDM) printing. Having outstanding water solubility properties, MELFIL™ can easily be removed in cold water with no need to use any harmful solvents. It also has superb printability and adhesion to ABS and PLA, with low shrink properties.