Nichigo G-Polymer™ - amorphous vinyl alcohol resin    Logo G-Polymer.png

Nichigo G-Polymer™, which can be used to freely control crystallinity and the cohesive power of the noncrystalline part, is the next generation of vinyl alcohol resins.
In addition to outstanding transparency and solvent resistance, through the combination of "low crystallinity" with "high hydrogen bonding strength", which are traits that are ordinarily in conflict, this new material realizes functions that had not been possible with conventional PVOH. These include low melting points, high stretching characteristics and high gas barrier performance, as well as low foaming, aqueous solution stability and emulsification performance.

Nichigo G-Polymer™ Design ConceptConcept G-Polymer PVOH PVA.gif

Nichigo G-Polymer™ Main Use

  • Barrier material (oxygen, hydrogen, helium, etc.)
  • Extrusion process (film, bottle, pipe, tank, etc.)
  • Polymer alloy, textiles (nonwoven fabric, bicomponent fiber, filter, etc.)
  • Emulsion
  • Suspension agent, inorganic substance
  • Dispersant
  • Resin additives
  • Paper processing
  • Flat panel display (FPD) application
  • Bio-compostable*
    • Barrier capsule for beverage application
    • Flexible barrier film for agricultural & food application
    • Barrier sheet & tray for food application

*AMI 18-20 Nov 2013

Certificates of Compostability for Products

Certificate for Award of OK Compost Home BVE8049P               Certificate for Award OK Compost Home OKS8077P