Capacity Expansion of Hi-Selon™ (Water-Soluble PVA Film)

NIPPON GOHSEI is pleased to confirm it will be expanding the production of Hi-Selon™, a water-soluble plastic film made from Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH or PVA).

Hi-Selon™ is used mainly for laundry and dishwash (ADW) capsules and tablets, agricultural chemicals, medical services and water pressure transfer printing.

Currently, the Hi-Selon™ production facility is located in our Ogaki plant in Gifu prefecture, Japan. However, we have determined that it is necessary to increase our production capacity in order to meet the growing market demand for our film, and decided to build a new production facility in our Kumamoto plant located in Kumamoto prefecture, Japan.

Overview of additional facility


The Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (NIPPON GOHSEI) Kumamoto Plant. 221, Tsuigome-machi, Uto, Kumamoto 869-0408, Japan.

Scheduled for completion:

Fourth quarter of 2015.

Scheduled for starting production:

First quarter of 2016.

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